- Data for Northern WI Experiments


The Ring of Towers (contact: Scott Richardson and Natasha Miles at PSU)

    CO2 mixing ratio data (final version) in 2004  for the following towers:   WLEF, Brule, Fence, Bayfield, Wittenberg are available to download.  Data format is available <here>.


Sylvania (contact: Ankur Desai at PSU)

 Sylvania 2004 data file

Sylvania 2004 data file with labels

Sylvania data between 16 June and 25 August were calibrated using 3 tanks known to within 0.05 − 0.1 ppm

Sylvania data is reported in CST (GMT − 6)


WLEF (contact: Arylyn Andews at NOAA-CMDL)

WLEF data   The read-me file is available up one directory.



      CO2 mixing ratio data in 2003 at towers and a format file are available to download.

      updated: 12/08/2003

Towers WLEF Sylvania Fence Brule
Available data in 2003 Jan 1 (day 1)~ Aug 31(day 243) July 2 (day 184)~ Nov 9 (day 313) Days 234~ 273 Days 230~271

    To see an example of time series of the mixing ratios of CO2 at the four towers in 2003, <click here>